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The players almost killed me!
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9th Jun 2014

Wew when i first login on sunday morning all i first encountered was "BboyAzk need help" wow how popular am i in the server the second was "BboyAzk - How to make a town- " all i know about town that time was /plot fs 20rect 10 and idk how to make town so i search on google and then i got the whole commanx in one notepad finally killer got a town... Third is the hardest "assasino cant claim a land" i tried giving him the command /town claim and etc that claims a land but still got nothing so i said to him was "wait fir grimm" and he agrred so to the next one "Japer is steeling items from boss" wtf idk how to get items from someones chest but im a genuis, i got boss items back to him... But the way that i get the items from the chest is secret... Mods and players will use it on illigal ways... They want to know how but i said "NO" you might steel or use it on illigal ways... And they Dont ask anymore... But i got desappointed in my self... I let the residents of the town named "Legions" be creative so that they wont have trouble building their houses and i trust them and they dind betray me except for marcliam he abused it he enchanted armor and wear it but i used /kill marcliam and took his armor give him back his legal items and done... Sorry for the last part grimm... But tnx to boywierd and penguin they helped me watch over the creative players so... If you demote for what i done its ok... I did not follow what you said to me... And that is my story last sunday... Only .e help the player in the 10am to 3pm no ond helped me.... But in the knight we have such fun... In the pvp arena.... peace to whom i killed accedently but i returned your items right?


Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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