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Applying As A Mod
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Joined: 30th May 2014
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30th May 2014


Current Rank:Member

Rank Applying:Mod

Reason:Im Applying to this server bacause i want to help this server and make it popular.And also cause it is an new server
i will help it make more realistic and more FUN.

Why you pick Me:Im a good Admin Once but our server was hack by a group of German Hacker our server became one of the Top 10 Coolest Server. And i will make the DC go to the Top 10 Coolest Server too.

How Help and Resolve Problems:Ex:That the player do something wrong i will talk him first and warn him because punishing him directly make the player mad and it will not stop doing wrong things.

What i specialize in:Im strict but humble and im also fair and Loyal.

Thank you.

Joined: 29th May 2014
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30th May 2014

Shooort but let Revolverstrike decide..


Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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